[Webinar Series] Admins & Instructional Coaches - Recordings Available!

We’ve got something big in the works for educators and students, coming your way!

The team has been hard at work creating a new WeVideo built for the classroom, made specifically with teacher and student workflows in mind.

Why get excited about the next-generation WeVideo for Schools? We think it will help solve a lot of teacher pain points by making classroom workflow and project management easier. For students, we’re introducing a more streamlined video editor that makes it easier to focus on what’s really important: expressing creative ideas and demonstrating learning.

Admins & Instructional Coaches: Join WeVideo as we give admins and instructional coaches a tour through The New WeVideo. In a time where over 80% of schools in the United States are deploying remote learning solutions, we will showcase how our new product will answer the needs of future students.

Catch the webinar recording here

(Teacher webinars will be coming very soon!) See all upcoming events on our webinars page!

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Thanks for sharing @jason The webinar was awesome!:partying_face:

Here’s the recording.

Will it be recorded and available to watch afterwards? I’m a guest on another webinar at the exact same time! It’s on library programming and one of the things I’ll mention is WeVideo. I’ll be encouraging attendees to get WeVideo certified!!

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Amazing @rhonda.jenkins Yes, if you registered we will be emailing you a recording. I’ll also make sure to share it in the community :star: Thanks for all you do!

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I had signed up for the distance learning webinar and got a message it was full. Which is strange since the link was unique to me? This is the second webinar I have been unable to join, even though I signed up. Very disappointing.

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Oh no, sorry to hear @sheila.wells :crying_cat_face: We didn’t expect such a huge attendance. There will be more and we’ll be sure to up our seats.

Rest assured, the recording will be shared to you in an email and posted in our community.

There’s also an event coming up tomorrow where the same workshop will take place. If you’re open to it, it should be fun :star_struck:

Thanks to everyone who was able to join the remote learning webinar today! Check out the recording :star_struck: We will be releasing recordings of the admin, teacher, and editing webinars soon!

Get answers to these questions and much more :nerd_face:
Trainings for beginners?
How to you get to the support team?
Copy of the webinar?
Permissions for publishers for read-alouds?
PBL implementation? (Document the process, but also the product itself- public audience)
Make my own template?
Students be able to use their phones or tablets to edit WeVideo?
Fade in/out sound?